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5/18 hockey and post hockey extravaganza

Weather looks to be back to normal, so 1pm start time. Goalies? Olaf’s after, then after that, oh I don’t know, catch a punk show??? I just happen to know of one in Ballard. My band Hammerschlagen is up third. 

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5/18 Hockey. Beer. Music.

Seattle Beer Week kicks off today, and next Saturday 5/18 is the SBW Battle of the Beer Bands. My band Hammerschlagen plays at 10pm. So play hockey, drink at Olaf’s, then come to Conor Byrne in Ballard and rock out. Hockey, beer, music. What a country!!…


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Saturday hockey....then Punk Rock!!!!

Play hockey Saturday...then come see my band! We're playing in Jim Kirk's basement, the Sunset Tavern in Ballard. Doors at 8, we'll be on at 10pm.  NOT to be missed!  Guaranteed you will have a good time!

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Come see my Punk band!!

Playing hockey Saturday? Great! Have fun, have a beer, then rest up.  Because SUNDAY May 22nd my band Hammerschlagen is playing a kick ass punk show at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard.  We're third up, so should hit stage around 8-9pm.  Come check us out!  You will be entertained.  Guaranteed!…


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Alternative Rinks: Everything you've ever wanted to know (a very long post with pictures).

Greetings SSHers,

As you've heard, Adams Elementary is adding yet another portable.  Plus they have removed a fence and are enlarging the fenced area, which therefore will remove one of our sidelines.  It appears the portable will line up with the existing two (see spraypaint photo) and will not remain in it's current place.  Here's what it looks like as of 6/25:…


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Air-cohol hockey

Someone get on this and have it ready for the CanAm afterparty at Dave's.


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Sabres to win the Cup

Proof positive the Sabres a destined to win the cup this year.  Just look at this defense!!!

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Chris Koh Bainbridge Island Bachelor party Extravaganza. Sat April 27th

***UPDATE: we have 2 goalies confirmed.  Sharif and Dan are IN!!!

The magnificent Chris Koh went ahead a got married without letting us throw him a proper bachelor party.  So here it is...better late than never.  Per his…


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Chris Koh belated bachlor party - Bainbridge Island April 27th

Greetings SSHers,

Well, we're a bit late, but Chris Koh got married and it needs to be celebrated!  Per his request, let's go play hockey on Bainbridge Island.  

Saturday, April 27th we'll once again board the ferry and make the journey to the pristine rink on Bainbridge Island.  Food and drinks down on the water in Bainbridge afterwards.  I'll post more details as it gets for now, just mark you calendars.


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May 19th post hockey BBQ

Hey SSHers,


If anyone is interested, I'm happy to have a BBQ at my place after hockey this Saturday.  The weather is still supposed to be nice, so let's take advantage.  I'll even DVR the Rangers/Devils game so people can watch it.  Feel free to bring spouses, kids, friends etc.  I'll have some burgers, dogs, beer etc, but feel free to bring whatever you'd like. 


4129 Palatine ave N

Seattle 98103

It's hard to's pink!  Upstairs door or…


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6th Annual Prost ski trip

Hey SSHers,

It's that time of year again for the Prost ski trip.  Gregg Schneuer and myself organize this event for the bar each year, and it's a hell of a lot of fun.  We meet at Prost at 6:30am, take off for the mountain by 7am on a very nice touring charter bus, ski all day (on a weekday, so the mountain is empty), then cruise back.  You…


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Classy player, on and off the ice

You really only need to read the first paragraph...

Former Buffalo Sabres player Matthew T. Barnaby was charged with drunken driving early this morning after he was spotted driving his Porsche without a front driver's side tire, Erie County sheriff's deputies said.…


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Jason B-Day at Wingmaster on 24th

24th and 60th

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Sat 11/26 Hockey + Jason's Birthday

(sorry to usurp your post Alan)

Let's run off our turkey and play some hockey this Saturday. And as an added bonus, after we can celebrate Jason's birthday. He's getting old and may not have many more. There's lots of games on Saturday, including the Apple Cup, so I figure we can head out in Ballard and catch a game and enjoy a few drinks for Jason. If the rain is awful and no one shows for hockey, the birthday drinking shall go on as planned. So who's in? Goalies?

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Hockey on the Viaduct?!?

The Washington state Department of Transportation announced a contest: In 100 words or less explain what you — and 24 of your friends — would do with 30 minutes on the traffic-free viaduct. Entries (send them to close Sunday, and three judges will decide within days.

Here's the DOT website…


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Who stole my stick?

Someone grabbed my right handed stick this past saturday.  Is black and green, and in crappy condition, but it's my only backup.  I won't be there Sept 17th, but hopefully the 24th, so maybe we can connect then.  Thanks.

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Bainbridge Sat Aug's ON!




We've done this trip a few times now, and it's been so successful, people we nagging me every week about when we'd do it again.  Well, the time is now.  Saturday, Aug 27th, we're moving the game to Bainbridge Island to…


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Bainbridge Island Hockey - Sat Aug 27th

Greetings SSH,

Well, now that summer is (kinda) in full swing and the roller hockey leagues are done, the roller hockey rink on Bainbridge Island is available and ready for Seattle Street Hockey.  We had a HUGE turnout last time, so let's see if we can do it again.



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