Q : When/Where do you play?
A : Judkins Park rink, next to Skate Park, Saturday 10am.


Q : What equipment do I need to bring?
A : Hockey stick, white shirt, dark shirt, hockey gloves (optional), shin pads(optional), helmet (optional), attitude (optional)


Q : It's raining/snowing/hailing/Christmas. Is the game cancelled?
A : Game is on EVERY Saturday, regardless of weather. Streethockey doesn't observe ANY holidays

Q : Do you guys play on rollerblades?Do you know anybody who plays on rollerblades? Can you organize a rollerblade game for me? (many variations of that one)
A : No. We play on shoes. Keep googling/recruiting and let us know about your rollerblade league.

Q : Do I just show up and play?
A : Yep. People have been coming and going to the weekly game since 2004!

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