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Kreptul 1 vs. Kreptul 2 + The curse + Koh's prowess last week. 9/1 game this week

Great turnout last week! 4 on 4 plus subs. Amazingly enough Kreptul 1 got upstaged by his brother Kreptul 2 who made a cameo apperance. I bet you his nonchalant style in the face of a barrage of fierce slapshots will gain adepts in the higher spheres of hockey... But the elephant in the room, the thing that was on everyone lips after the game was Werbicki's futility streak. He was plagued with the worse cursed anyone has seen. He went 0-8 for the day! You owe use a couple pitchers buddy! At…


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Street hockey 8/25, wanna play on the ice 07-08 winter?

Hope you all had a good game last Saturday.

I'm in this week and will bring the gear. Kevin and Rainer have confirmed they're in. Anybody else? Werbicki, have you hung up your sneakers? Check in for the game in the comments section.

We're also putting a cascadehockey league ice hockey team together for the winter season. We've got about 7 players, need a couple more. Drop me a line if interested.

Meet you all at 2pm at the usual spot on 80th and Greenwood.. We can discuss…


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Game summary 8/11, Check in for 8/19

We finally had a great turnout last week. The weekend started with a bang at Andrei's (happy b-day!) on Friday and then hungover 4 on 4 play with subs on Saturday. Unfortunately, both Andrei and Dan were out. It was a sorry sight to see the revolving cast in net (especially Chuck. 5 shots, 5 goals, save pct 0.000). I have a new…


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Winter 07-08 Tucson Challenge

Here's the Challenge from Seattle post on the Tucson PSHL website. In the comments section, looks like Phoenix also wants in on the action! I'll let everyone know once we have a date.

Start running lines...



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Game summary and launch!

Great games again last week. Another goalie duel between Kreptul and dan the man. I think the slight edge in games went to Dan. On the black top, was Peto, Niemi, Super Mario, Litwin, Dave,…


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Peto conveniently forgets his cc after hockey

The result. This line in my cc statement

08/06/2007 EL CHUPACABRA SEATTLE WA $174.24
That's with splitting the bill with Tanya. Works out to a few margaritas...

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Things you never knew existed... Carpet skates

These slides fit onto the bottom of your shoes to let you slide around on hardwood floor ... for office hockey, for example. One size fits all...

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3 on 3 Fitness test on 7/28, Game on 8/4

On the ice was Rainer, The Gooch, SuperMario, Litwin, Mike, and me with a late appearance from Dave. Coach K and Kreptul were in net. The first couple games were blow outs. Andrei "the wall" Kreptul was playing on his head. We just couldn't solve him. The games got better once the sticks favored a strong team against perogy boy. The priest kicked us out at 4:30pm, we were toast.

Sorry guys, had to bail on the all import post game beers. I'm all moved out of the old house into the new…


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