Thank you to everyone who helped us with the move, provided food, sent encouraging emails or just supported my family and I in any way over the past few weeks. My wife and I thought it would be us against the insurane companies dealing with my Lymphoma and we had to manage the best we can on our own. I've been in and out of hospitals for the past months and we've had some real ups and downs. We were completely astounded by the support from SSH. It was totaly unexpected. I've gone to the games a few years now and love running around for a few hours every Satuday afternoon. It makes my week even though I apply my best Markus Naslund quited approach (it's a Swede thing). I've loved the game ever since the school janitor flooded the soccer field in Sweden when I was 7 every winter. I watched Canada cup in the middle of the night as a kid, Bonny Orr was my favorite (there is even a Bobby Orr Burger in Sweden) and Borje Salming wanted me to become a defender. I enjoy the international aspect and the whole group. It has simply been great. Kate and I are still heading for hard times, but we just have to keep walking. I hope to get out there and show some more Swede moves. In the mean time, thank you for the dinner support. Dinners showing up when we have no energy but to make toast is such a welcome sight, moving all those unpacked boxes, could not have happened without you. All what you have done is very welcome. It helps my family when I am unable to myself. Thank you all and Thanks Ovi.

I still hope to recruit a few more Swedes to come out and play to show you a real game :) until then I might be on the sideline or just hop in for a 30 second shift just to get the feeling.

Thank you again from,

Robert, Kate, Ava and Jack

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Comment by vp on July 16, 2013 at 5:02pm

Hang in there buddy, the entire ssh community is pulling for you. You're way better than Markus Naslund btw...

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