Hey all, I run a playoff pool that I'll be sending shortly. If you were in last year I have your email. If you're interested send me your email address. It's a pretty quick turnaround between last reg season game and playoffs so keep an eye out if you're interested.
Between 10 to 30 bucks depending where you finish. First gets all the cash but has to buy a jersey for the runner up. So prizes for top two.

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I'm in. Habs for the cup! Rainer, you can post your excel spreadsheet here if you want rather than emailing it around.
Looks like I'm going with the Sharks. Rainer make sure you send the pool to gschneuer@hotmail.com.
Schneuer, what happened? Reminds me of the canadiens last year. They did everything they could to miss the playoffs.
I've been patient all season with Nonis and the lot. I saw this coming weeks ago. The game against the Flames was just to fuck with me. Time to clean the house, holiday foggers and all. Heads will roll! I hope. Even the Sedins should be considered for sale. I give Bobby Lou a pass because his wife just had a kid.

still pissed

Are we picking teams or players or both? The Canucks, Flames, and Habs are all overrated
With Markov and Schneider out (damn leafs), Habs might not even make it. This forum entry was for 2008 playoff pool. Rainer, you setting it up for 2009?
I'll put a blog up. Yeah, I'll run same again. I'll get prelim standings and send a prelim in next day or so, then final to follow up.
Ning added the upload file feature to blog responses so you could just have people reply to your blog post with their spreadsheet. That would allow everyone to see everyone's picks and would reduce your burden. Just a thought.
If it's not too late, I'd like to get in on this.



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