Tsunami Vegas team 2010-- *Roster Full*

There was a tremendous response from people interested in traveling to Las Vegas this year for the sin-city street hockey tournament. To reward people who've traveled before and helped fill a roster our first year (when we were crushed), I opened spots firstly to those who've traveled before. Returning players have filled the team and our roster is 17. Some would rather more, some less, but there is no perfect answer and we are going to go with 17.

A few people expressed interest to travel with the team and/or to possibly join other teams. I think that this is a great idea and I'm happy to help book rooms etc. for these people. Terry Cox, the tournament organizer, has asked for contact information for players without teams and I am happy to forward these too him. If you are not on the Tsunami team and interested to go to Vegas, please contact me and I'll work with you to get on a team or to help get your friend on a team.


David D.

Tsunami 2010 Roster:

Kevin Saliba
Vincent Payette
Ben Dickenson
Bill Litwin
Jon Peto
Tyler Henry
Brad Marsh
Dan Manderino
Greg Ovington
Graeme Gibson
Scott Steer
Dave Doucette
Greg Schneuer
Chuck Tompkins
Cory Schelest
Geoff Werbicki
Craig Burns

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Comment by Brad Marsh on November 28, 2009 at 5:25am
if we add one more player, like for example my friend paul quayle, than i take the 1st line with werbicki and benny d., and bill litwin goes on the 4th line DEFENSE with Paul quayle. Orrrrrrrrr we fumble around with the forward lines and keep 3 lines of DEFENSE instead of 4.
Comment by Brad Marsh on November 28, 2009 at 5:19am
this is a MOCK roster- meaning not the real thing, just a practice roster, kind of like a practice DRAFT like in fantasy football, so don't get all worked up about it :
1st line: C: Geoff Werbicki--LW: Benny D.--RW: Bill Litwin
2nd line: C: David D.--LW: Corey S.--RW: Chucky T.
3rd line: C: Kevin S.--LW: Vinny P.--RW: John P.
*****Fill in WINGER - Brad Marsh. After the first 3 lines go around I fill in for RW for Bill Litwin and he takes a shift off. Than after the lines go around again I take Chucky T.'s shift on RW and he takes a shift off. Than I take John P.'s shift and this keeps going. AFter the RW's are through I take off the LWingers starting w/ benny d., than Corey S., than Vinny P.....
1st line: Bubbles and Steer
2nd line: Craig B. and Tyler H.
3rd line Greg ovington and greg shnuewer
1st line PP: C: Geoff Werbicki LW: Chucky Tompkins RW: Corey Shelest
D: Scott Steer on the right and Bubbles on the left D (lookin for one timers)
2nd line PP: C: DAvid Doucette LW: Benny D. RW: Brad Marsh
D: Craig Burns on the right side and Tyler Henry on the left(again lookin for one timers, thats why i got a lefty on the right and right on the left. get it? k good!)
1st line PK: C Kevin Saliba / Geoff Werbicki (if salibas too tired werbicki takes it)
W Vinny P./ if he's too tired he we'll put in a OPTION player
D: Greg Ovington and Greg Shnewer
2nd line PK: C Corey Shelest/Chucky tompnkins(if coreys too tired than chucky takes it)
W John Peto/if he's too tired than we put in a OPTION
D: Tyler Henry and Craig Burns
Comment by Brad Marsh on November 28, 2009 at 4:34am
just throwin this out there, if for any reason we need a replacement player or something my buddy PAUL quayle is coming to Vegas. me and him are already on a CO/ED team and want to play as much as possible.

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