1/3 Game Recap: setup, SQ, spaces, Olympia

The first Saturday of the year was a good one.

First off, thanks for the early show of help getting both sets of boards set up at the school. It went relatively quick and was very appreciated. We may have to get used to that as the parking lot at St. John's is filling up due to league b-ball games.

The games were characterized by a highly disciplined style of positional play. Thanks to Scott, some of us Vegas attendees got some pointed advice on hockey positions, including their roles and responsibilities. 'Spaces' proved to be of great help and reduced the amount of aimless running around which I am so good at. Thanks SQ for the helpful pointers and may our new (or refreshed) knowledge help us in Vegas.

Olympia: make sure you check out Dave's info about our trip to Olympia next week 1/10. You have a week to arrange for transportation so get on it. Someone mentioned how much it would help to prepare for Vegas if we all got hammered the night before and stumbled our way down to the rink the next day. I think Saliba's in charge of that. To the Olympia players: you have no chance against us.

Anything else, please chime in. Cheers, Adam

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Comment by Alanna Hildebrand on January 10, 2009 at 11:34am
So does that mean no Greenwood game today?

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