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Melissa asked me to post this in case you haven't heard.

Hi everyone, 

Andrei is turning 40 this week. He and I are going to stay in a B&B on Phinney Ridge on Friday night so I was hoping some of you might be interested in joining us for drinks at Prost. We might head to Olivers Twist or other places so feel free to call me on my cell phone at 425.890.3179. 


8:00ish, Friday, August 8



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Stanley Cup Playoffs

Another month or so of the best sports event going.  Love it.


Bracket pool for anyone interested...

$25 per, paypal me rainer_germann@yahoo.com

League: SSHL

pw: nohands

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Good tips....

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Can Am - left behind

Ended up at the BBQ.  I'll keep stuff a couple of weeks but if I don't hear, out to goodwill.

Claim if yours:

Left 15" Bauer glove

Folding Lawn Chair

Kids plaid sweater/hoodie

Cotton kids hoodie

Boys Red Sox t-shirt

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BBQ Sat. Sept 8th

Summer seems to hold for one more BBQ.  Post Golf / Hockey.

Give me a heads up if you think you're up for it so I can plan out a bit.  Here or email.

73rd and 28th Ave. NW


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SSH Best Ball Golf - Sat. Sept 8th

Ok, dust em off if you're gonna play once a year this should be it.  Can you pick a better group of chumps to go out and hit around with?  I think not.  

I have West Seattle in the AM of Sept 8th.  The Sat. after labour day.  The typical two man random draw as before.  

BBQ at my place afterwards.  I always have a bit of trouble filling this out so if you know some peeps who might want in, let me know.

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2012 Stanley Cup pool

Send this back to me at rainer_germann@yahoo.com  if interested. $20.  Need this before games start on Tues., before 4pm.


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SSH Golf Sat. 10th at 10AM

I need a bit more help here guys.  Can't golf, yeah well, we're not in the NHL either.  It's for fun.  

Right now: Me, Dan, Carlo, Vincent, David, Chuck, Jason, Bill...

It'd be more fun to keep this in the group, so pick up the sticks.

I have 16 spots stacked up starting at 10am.   

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SSL Golf 2man Best Ball - Year II / Sat. Sept 10th

Pretty good time last year so lets try this again.  I got West Seattle early in the year; great course for this.  Fun alternative with the guys...


I’ve booked West Seattle for Sat. 10AM Sept 10th. I have 16 spots.  BBQ at my place afterwards.


It's a random draw with teams of two; play best ball, some random drinking hurdles along the way and some basic prizes.  $45 per person covers tee time and prizes.   

Email me or leave a post if…


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BBQ Sat JULY 23rd - Next Weekend

Ok, I see that a bunch of people are in Everett.  This is when it fits our schedule...hope some can still swing by.

Sat. July 23st  post hockey.  Margaritas at 5:30pm Food at 6:30.  I have a toddler timeline to follow.

If you can make it jot me a quick email so I can plan out food a bit.  I think Kelly sent out an evite too.


Lighting a fire later so a sweater is always handy.  Kids = yes.

An extra chair or two might be put to…


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Playoff Pool - 2011


Need this back by weds. 4pm if anyones in.

Winner takes all but the cost of a jersey for the cup champ.  Jersey goes to 2nd.


$20 / entry. email to me at rainer_germann@yahoo.com.  Same as last year.


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2011 NHL playoffs

About a week left till playoffs.  I'll send out the playoff brackets for the 2011 pool.  This is a heads up.  Final standings likely not set until the last day and then I'll need entries turned around in a couple of days.  If you don't get it here send me your email and I'll include you that way.

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BBQ - Sat. 21st

Bunch going golfing first but if anyone's interested after hockey.

Sat. Aug 21st. Margaritas at 5:30pm Food at 6:30. I have a toddler timeline to follow.
If you can make it jot me a quick email so I can plan out food a bit. rainer_germann@yahoo.com

Lighting a fire later so a sweater is always handy. Kids = yes.
An extra chair or two might be put to use.

We’re at 7302 28th Ave. NW in Ballard.

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SSH Golf Event Sat. Aug 21st 10am

So round two on this. I’ve booked Jacskon park for Sat. 10AM Aug 21st and had to make a deposit to hold spots. I need to make the remaining payment by Aug 1. So I need some support (cash or check) from those of you who were down. Also some help getting a few more peeps. $53 bucks gets your greens fee $8 in drink coupons and $8 to prize monies.

Right now people in are:

Dave, Adam, Jason, Cory, Vinny, Joe, Rainer

I have 5 spots left. Making this a 2man best ball so 6… Continue

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SSH Golf Event

So I’m thinking of getting together a golf outing for the guys. I’m thinking a 2 man best ball, random draw at one of the munis. Mix it up hacks and other alike. I'm thinking along the lines of...

First to hit a tree =…


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Pitt / Montreal tomorrow at LTD! (sound on)

going there after work if anyone cares to join.

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NHL Playoff Pool 2010

Who's in? Same as last year $20 entry. Winner gets the pot minus cost of Cup Winning Hockey Jersey for 2nd place.NHL_2010.xls

Use the file attached and send to me by weds 14th, 3pm. Email to Rainer_germann@yahoo.com. If you get this randomly I need to know who you know or are. (If I don't recognize the email address, I'll toss it.)

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Canada vs Slovakia - Ballard Loft been good so far 6PM

I'm going to try and get there for 6ish

Added by Rainer on February 26, 2010 at 9:37am — 1 Comment

Canada US - Ballard Loft 4:40 start

Seems limited consensus for tomorrow. I called and made sure they'd have it on. Foods good and usually easy enough to get a table. I'm going to get there for around 4 if anyones interested.

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Anyone interested in a Big White Ski trip in Feb?

I sent this out via email but sometimes my employer dumps things into spam and I never see them. If anyone's interested let me know...

So I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in taking a ski trip in Feb of 2010 out to Big White; just southeast of Kelowna. Kelly, Max and I are looking to go Thurs. Feb 25th to Mon. Mar 1 (4 nights). The Olympic Hockey finals are on that Sunday and I've had a blast before going to snow country while the winter Olympics are on. Great entertainment… Continue

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SSH Bank

SSH bank balance is at $75. Thanks to everyone who paid their dues. You can always donate to the ssh general fund by clicking the button below:



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