I've been seeing some posting about rinks and roller hockey. Just recently, I've decided to start looking into starting my own roller hockey league. I moved up to Washington a year ago from San Jose, CA where I played roller hockey for 10 years. To say the least, I was very disappointed to find no roller hockey leagues in the Greater Seattle area. It looks like some others have tried, and some are looking into it. I'm not as worried about funding and time as I am about interest. I feel there will always be investors to find, and of course this kind of thing takes time to get off the ground. What I'd like to figure out is if there are enough hockey players out there that are interested in playing roller hockey as well as ice.

I like the idea of the outdoor court with boards...it definitely looks cool and is fun in the summer. I've actually played on outdoor rinks in San Jose, but it's just not feasible during the winter, which, in this state, is most of the year. An indoor facility, I think, is the way to go. I just don't see how I can approach an investor and tell him that I can only provide revenue from this business during three months of the year. I have a lot of ideas about the league. I too have thought about some of the logistics in regard to facility and league operations. I'm fortunate to have experience playing in roller hockey leagues while surrounded by ice hockey, but I'm not unrealistic about the extent of my knowledge. I fully understand that my knowledge is limited and that honestly, I really have no idea how to run my own business or even get the ball rolling. So that's the purpose of this post.

I'm really impressed by the following I see here. It looks like everybody's out for the Vancouver tournament coming up. I'm happy to come out on the weekend when everybody's back to playing to meet with any of you and talk about this. Otherwise, my email address is joelsmith04@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading and hopefully responding.

*If you're interested, I've included the email I sent to Andy Cole with GSHL. Pretty much says the same stuff here, but in case I've left anything out, there might be something of interest there.

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I use to play in the WI area but was out of playing for years. I'm just trying to get back in to playing roller hockey and would love easy pick up games. Right now I go out to the tennis courts with my dog. you can email me at climber13falling@hotmail.com


Hi Nick,

I have been looking for roller hockey resources recently and just today discovered an outdoor rink (of sorts) in Judkins Park in Seattle. There is a league playing in Bellevue, and I am checking that out but I am determined to find some roller hockey action on the west side even if I have to do it myself.  If you know anyone who would just like to play some low-key pick up, I think this is  as good as I can find so far. The rink is a tennis court that was converted for bicycle polo, of all things, and has boards and nets!! My email is mrandall999@gmail.com.  Lets get something going.


Anyone playing at Roll cage arena or pickup games on the weekend? 

I would be interested in playing roller if you guys got something going.  Keep me in mind......I live in Issaquah but would be willing to drive, not to bad


Hi Bill,

with apologies to the street hockey guys for glomming onto this forum with roller hockey stuff...
I was biking across the the I-90 bridge for the 1st time yesterday and found the rink at Judkins Park, 23rd Ave and Judkins. Its not really a rink but it is close enough for some informal pick up and it has boards and nets...what more can you ask for.  So while the weather stays nice, I want to  take as much advantage as possible. When would you be available to play...even if we only have 4  players, I would play 2 on 2 all day. If you google map Judkins park you can see the "court" on the south side of Judkins. You can even see the nets.
I got replies from 2 other guys. Right now, it looks like the three of us can play this week on Friday night. If that works for you, lets say 6 oclock. My email is mrandall999@gmail.com. SEnd me a note so get off of the street hockey site.
I skated on the Judkins Park court today and the surface is great! It is kind of short but perfectly playable for 3 on 3. 4 on 4 would be kind of crowded.  So how about it?  who is in for Friday  at 6? Let me know.

I am putting together some inline pickup. Join this group on facebook to be kept in the loop!


Or email me directly. gcrcarney@gmail.com

To all,

Bainbridge Island Roller Hockey will be installing a brand new sports court and will start and adult league in May. The rink is full size, outdoors, and is located in the middle of Battle Point Park. Sign up a www.bihockey.org


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