Q : When/Where do you play?
A : Salmon Bay Elementary, 1pm.


Q : What equipment do I need to bring?
A : Hockey stick, white shirt, dark shirt, hockey gloves (optional), shin pads(optional), helmet (optional), attitude (optional)


Q : It's raining/snowing/hailing/Christmas. Is the game cancelled?
A : Game is on EVERY Saturday, regardless of weather. Streethockey doesn't observe ANY holidays

Q : Do you guys play on rollerblades?Do you know anybody who plays on rollerblades? Can you organize a rollerblade game for me? (many variations of that one)
A : No. We play on shoes. Keep googling/recruiting and let us know about your rollerblade league.

Q : Do I just show up and play?
A : Yep. People have been coming and going to the weekly game since 2004!

SSH Dues

Dues are $50/year to pay for insurance and renting Salmon Bay playground (2k/year). Click on the donate button to pay your $50 annual dues. No PayPal account needed. Be cool, don't make us chase you. Thanks to those who already paid (Vincent P, Rob S, Alan H, James G, Cam G, Mark G, Ryan Z, Ryan F, Jared N, Dan M, Mike L, Dan R)



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