I've been seeing some posting about rinks and roller hockey. Just recently, I've decided to start looking into starting my own roller hockey league. I moved up to Washington a year ago from San Jose, CA where I played roller hockey for 10 years. To say the least, I was very disappointed to find no roller hockey leagues in the Greater Seattle area. It looks like some others have tried, and some are looking into it. I'm not as worried about funding and time as I am about interest. I feel there will always be investors to find, and of course this kind of thing takes time to get off the ground. What I'd like to figure out is if there are enough hockey players out there that are interested in playing roller hockey as well as ice.

I like the idea of the outdoor court with boards...it definitely looks cool and is fun in the summer. I've actually played on outdoor rinks in San Jose, but it's just not feasible during the winter, which, in this state, is most of the year. An indoor facility, I think, is the way to go. I just don't see how I can approach an investor and tell him that I can only provide revenue from this business during three months of the year. I have a lot of ideas about the league. I too have thought about some of the logistics in regard to facility and league operations. I'm fortunate to have experience playing in roller hockey leagues while surrounded by ice hockey, but I'm not unrealistic about the extent of my knowledge. I fully understand that my knowledge is limited and that honestly, I really have no idea how to run my own business or even get the ball rolling. So that's the purpose of this post.

I'm really impressed by the following I see here. It looks like everybody's out for the Vancouver tournament coming up. I'm happy to come out on the weekend when everybody's back to playing to meet with any of you and talk about this. Otherwise, my email address is joelsmith04@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading and hopefully responding.

*If you're interested, I've included the email I sent to Andy Cole with GSHL. Pretty much says the same stuff here, but in case I've left anything out, there might be something of interest there.

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First off, welcome to ssh.com pmarleau12! Hope you'll make it out to our games one these days. I like your enthusiasm about starting a roller league. I'm sure many of our constituents would be interested in joining.

Arena Sports used to run an indoor roller league at Magnuson park but it folded for some reason. You might want to talk to them about what worked and what didn't.

I gotta say there's something pure about playing pickup outside. Throw your stick in the middle and play. It's as close to my childhood memories of pond hockey as it gets around here. Hope you can somewhat reproduce that in your roller league.
Hello anyone,

I just moved down here to kirkland from up north and am looking for a group of people to play some street hockey. Its been a while since I lasted played, but I would love to get back into it. Let me know.

Evan Wright
I am so interested in seeing what happens to the development of this. I hope to hear that some guys are meeting to play and informing others about it too. I am sure with the amount of people living in Seattle we can certainly come up with playing on the weekends. Please let me know where and when.
Im down!
i hope something comes out of this....im dying to play!!!!! how about a few pick-up games to get it going?
There is a need for an outdoor rink. I just moved from Denver and we had tons of rinks to play at out doors. A few had lights that you could switch on and play roller hockey with your buds after work year round (when it was dry). Some nights there would be 30 people playing hockey at the rinks.

Maybe if enough people got on board we could ask the city to build one. I do not think that it would be very expensive to build. All you need is glazed concert, a few nets and you can build some cheap boards out of wood or plastic and a chain linked fence.
Just found your 2 1/2 year old post. Any luck finding Roller Hockey, anywhere?

I just found this post too. But unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any leagues around the Seattle area, or at least that I can find. I would love to at least get a season going by this spring/summer as I have a group of friends ready to join a league if it ever started up.

If anyone has any information on anything roller hockey related in the Seattle area, please let me know.

I just found out there is going to be a new roller hockey arena in Redmond. Not sure the specifics yet but check out http://www.rollcagearena.com/Home.html for signs and such.

Been searching for awhile as well, found this place via Reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/Seattle/comments/b3u5g/roller_hockey_coming...
Chris, you're so awesome!!! I just signed up, and called. They're looking to sign the lease tomorrow, so they're going to send out an email to everybody that signed up, just giving a quick update.

Thanks for so much for posting here. Hopefully we can all meet up when this thing gets going.
there is finally an inline hockey league starting up, go to www.rollcagearena.com and check it out, spread the word, they need as many players as possible to really make it work. It's in Bellevue.
Does anyone have information regarding price, etc. for this league?


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